Faecal Worm Egg Count Tests


Our range of tests all come with a collection kit which, once purchased we send to you via next day delivery. Each kit contains a prepaid return postal bag for you to send your samples back to us. However, if you would like to purchase a test only, please see our ‘Documents’ page where you can download a form with an address label for you to use.


Once your samples are analysed, we record all results and image any parasites found in the samples to use at a later date, or for you to view and discuss with your vet.

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Standard Faecal Egg Count Test.

Our standard FEC detects parasitic eggs from the faeces of your animals, this means we can deduce the species of worms that maybe within your herd/flock if any at all! This allows us to work together and ensure your wormers will work, without any wastage or resistance promotion.

Therefore, this test is inexpensive but a very useful tool to anyone who would like an insight into the parasitic status of their livestock.

We pride ourselves in returning all results to you as quickly as possible so you can make the right decisions accordingly! 



MIC's Quad Faecal Egg Count Test:

Never settle for anything less than the best..

This is our signature diagnostic faecal egg count test! We combine four different diagnostic methods to create our most comprehensive FEC with a sensitivity of ±0.5 EPG! (epg = Eggs Per Gram), This is the most reliable faecal egg counting tests can be. This test takes all guess work out of your parasite diagnostics. To allow you to provide the very best care to your livestock with ease.


A image from MIC ANimal Services's laboratory, showing the centifudge and sample tubes.
a laboratory staff loading a mcmaster chamber as part of a standard faecal egg counting protocol.

Reduction Tests

Make sure your investment is worthwhile.

It is commonly known that some parasites are becoming resistant to the anthelminthic wormers we use to irradiate them.  This is where a  reduction test can be used! This involves taking 2 FEC tests (either of the above tests, but the same test must be used twice) from the same animal. The first sample is taken and the animals are then wormed accordingly as normal (assuming that a worm burden is confirmed). 8-14 days post treatment a second sample is collected to ensure all of the worms have been killed, therefore no eggs are detected and you now have happy healthy animals!


Lung Worm Count. 

Our Lung worm test and collection kits allow for a streamline process to easily diagnose a lung worm infection. This inexpensive, non-invasive test is suitable for any equid or livestock. To account for the difference in the lifecycle of the lung worms, we require 3 samples taken on 3 consecutive days. This ensures we can provide the best results to you. If your animals start to show any signs of worms with any coughing, mucus or change to their respiratory rate, then this test is ideal for you. Remember, almost all lungworms cannot be identified in a FEC test!

an image of MIC animal services's Lung worm faecal collection kit for pigs
Centrifuge and conicle centrifuge tubes containg a solution from a faecal sample looking for evidance of worms

Liver Fluke Egg Count


This Liver Fluke Test is a must have for anyone concerned about the liver fluke parasite Fasciola hepatica. This dangerously destructive worm of which no ruminant has any immunity to, can prove tricky to be picked up via a standard FEC. Fluke can affect all mammals in the UK. Therefore, we provide a Liver fluke test which we guarantee results be sent within 24 hours of receiving a sample.

Pinworm Test (Equine only)

  Our pinworm tape test is an inexpensive and easily done test that will help your horse become worm free.

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