Worm egg count testing for Smallholders 

Faecal worm egg counts for your animals of all shapes and sizes.

Having been in your wellies, we understand the daunting thoughts of worms and ailments your animals may encounter and what to do/look out for. For this reason, we are happy to help answer any questions you may have, offer any advice and services we can, to keep your animals in good health. 

a mature gloucestershire old spot boar laying under a oak tree on a summer afternoon
a group of sheep and horses grazing as part of a sustainable grazing scheme

Mixed Species worm egg count kits 

We cater for everyone, from the biggest of farms to the smallest of smallholdings. We appreciate that many smallholdings have many different animals. We can customise one of our collection kits to contain the multiple tests you require, and still collect our discounts for multiple samples being run. Simply call or email us and we will be happy to help.

a golden guernsey goat letting her triplet kids suckle

Pedigree Livestock 

Each year the race to get the biggest, strongest, and best offspring begins. It is critical that you let your potential champions grow at their maximum potential to be successful, unnecessary worming and handling will stop them from reaching this potential, by stressing your animals. Faecal egg counting and treating when there is a worm burden, rather than blanket worming you will be: stressing your livestock less, shocking the gastrointestinal tract less and saving money. This all means your animals can eat more, grow more and be the best they can be. We can also lower our worming boundary suggestions for pedigree farmers who are not looking for the economical answer but rather get the best average daily growth rates possible. 

champion pig, a large white sow standing proud
3 pedigree ewes: a suffolk and 2 charollais

Don't Buy What You Don't Need:

Some smallholders, who have a few animals free ranging, on land which hasn’t seen any animals for many years, either to clear a rough area of garden or who want to experience “the good life”.  It is very common for there to be no viable worm larvae in the ground to infect your animals, so worming is not required.  A FEC could be used to show that you do not have a worm burden thus no wormers are required.