Pig Worm Egg Counts. 

clean healthy large white pigs bedded in straw.

       Regardless of stocking density, there is always a high risk of parasite transmission around a herd of pigs.

We can monitor the intensities of these burdens so you only worm when it is cost effective to do so. This will incease the profitability of your herd and become most sustainable.


Commercial Pig Unit Parasite Control

   Commercial pig units especially outdoor or intensively reared indoor units, pose an excellent breeding ground for porcine endoparasites to exponentially multiply. With the vast incline for antihelminthic drug resistance and the evolution or British farming to a more sustainable future. Now is no better time to re think your parasite control. By monitoring a small sample of the herd and then making an informed decision as to weather or not to worm or what drug to use to be most effective.  This can lead to significant savings, improved results such as weight gains, milk yield, and piglets per litter. There is also less stress on staff and herd with less administering of wormers, and less costs with no wormers being used with the feed constantly.


3 finished white pigs with a group of weaners in the background.

Pedigree Pigs and Smallholdings. 

a large white (mapel leaf) pig with her rixe winning banner

Pigs play a huge roll within a smallholding and are very rewarding creatures to spend time with. They are renowned for their ability to clear vast areas of scrub leaving perfect plots for allotments and much more. However, how can you be sure your new favourite animal hasn't got an infection of worms potentially causing a lot of issues? 

Instead of just buying any old wormer and dosing to your hearts content, it is vital to find what worms, if any you are fighting against. This is particularly important when there is little knowledge of the land the pigs are living on.

If you’re just starting out, we can send a sample kit out to you to collect a sample quickly and easily, which we can use to work out if there are any worms present. If so, we can then advise of appropriate drugs which can be used to correct the burden.

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