Large Scale Commercial Farming 

a sea of ewes gathered in from the fields ready for fly treatment

Parasite Control Methods


We at MIC have extensive experience with farming across the UK and understand the challenges you face. Changing your parasite control methods, could lead to less stress being put on yourself, your staff, and animals. We are committed to saving you time and money from your parasite control methods, by becoming more sustainable whilst boosting production!

Whether you have cattle, pigs, or sheep we can offer a range of different tests and collection kits to suit your requirements. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss and customise our products and services to suit your farming needs.


We suggest that a random sample of faeces taken from up to 10% of the group allows for an adequate insight into your herds/flock parasitic status. This gives enough data to advise on infection intensity to provide suitable treatment recommendations.


Our Reduction tests may be just the test for you! This involves us running two samples from the same individual 8-14 days apart, this will allow us to establish exactly what is living within your animal. We will then advise you what was seen and therefore what is the appropriate treatment. Then the second sample will allow us to ensure your wormers are working correctly with no resistance building up. Reduction testing a small group of animals in your flock/herd will allow you to test your worming efficiency.

a young breeding red poll bull standing sidways
a group of dairy cattle grazing

Target testing a few non-doers and/or the worse 10% of your livestock, can be a useful exercise, and potentially only treating the least impressive livestock can save you time and money while farming in a much more sustainable way.


We can provide certificates of all results carried out for use with your Red Tractor and other higher health schemes to prove your requirement for anthelminthic drug use and your commitment to decreasing it when applicable.