How many to sample?

For a good repersentation of the group, a sample from 10% of the group is ideal.


Don’t want to buy a kit?

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Pooled or individual 

We firmly that a pooled sample can hide all manner of issues, leading to us not giving you the right advice and treatment options.

Why Trust us with your livestock?

  1. We guarantee to get your results back within 24 hours of receiving your results*.
  2. We go the extra mile- We will not just give you a number result. Our friendly team are always available to help you find the right treatment should you need any, including suggesting new methods to improve your livestock.
  3. We are completely flexible to cater to your own livestock as ‘what works on one farm doesn’t work on others’

Liver Fluke Egg Count Test Kit 

Specfic, Accurate with Fast Results. 

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